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Teeth Cleaning

We use an Emmi-Pet ultrasonic toothbrush. 

The first thing you’ll notice is your dogs breath smelling better.
-    It’s non invasive
-    Prevents and removes tartar and plaque buildup 
-    No vibrations or sounds
-    No anaesthetic or sedation needed
-    Combats gingivitis 


£35 for the first consultation. This includes your own brush head and I will spend some time looking at the teeth to see if there is any benefit to using the emmi-pet or if it’s best for a vet visit.

£15 for each time after the consultation with a groom. £25 each time after the consultation without a groom. 

Block of 6 sessions within 2 weeks £135. This is best for those dogs with loads of tartar and plaque build up as doing it often to start with will help shift it quicker. 
If you are unsure whether to go for the block of 6 or not this is something we can help with at the first consultation.

Each session will take 15-20 minutes depending on your dogs tolerance.

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