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Welcome to Cabbage Farm Dog Grooming

We are a family run business located in Witney. We offer one to one dog grooming services. There’s Pete and Jo who are the business owners and Anita the Dog Groomer and Manager. As a family We have owned dogs for many years now from golden retrievers to newfoundlands, we currently have a Newfoundland Lola who is 5 years old she’s a bit of a monkey but a very clever monkey so we do have to keep and eye on her. And Kevin a Tibetan mastiff who is 4 years old, he likes his routine and is very much the gentleman but picks and chooses his human friends. When you arrive at our salon you will more than likely see them down there.

Our Services

All prices are dependent on size, breed, behaviour and coat condition so contact us for more information on the price of your dog.

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Full Groom

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Hand Stripping

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Puppy Introductions

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Nail Trimming

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Teeth Cleaning

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Training Centre

Meet the Team


Contact Us


Unit 2, Avenue 3,

Station lane Industrial estate,


OX28 4BP



Opening Hours

Tues - Fri

8:30 am – 5:30 pm


8:30 am – 5:30 pm

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