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Puppy Introductions

What’s included:

This is a series of visits to the salon ideally starting at 12 weeks as soon as your puppy is allowed out into the world and finishing when they are 16 weeks.


- £95 for 4 sessions


First session will include a consultation with Anita on the best tools to use at home for maintenance of your puppy’s coat and your expectations of the grooms to come.

Second session will be with just Anita and puppy. We will have a walk around the salon getting used to the equipment, have a brush through on the table and listen to the bath and dryers while having lots of treats.

Third session will be a bath and brush for puppy with nail trimming and filing as those puppy nails are sharp!

Forth session will be another bath and brush and the last session in puppy introductions as then we will move on to a full groom.

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